Azzano d'Asti Town Hall

Address: Piazza Parrocchiale 2, 14030 Azzano d'Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 297114
Fax: 0141 297907

State: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Province: Asti

Coordinates: Lat. 44° 52' 28'' N | Long. 8° 16' 04'' E

Altitude: 216 meters above sea level

Surface area: 6.43 km²

Neighboring municipalities: Asti, Rocca d'Arazzo

Postcode: 14030

Dialing code: 0141

ISTAT code: 005006

Land registry code: A527

Seismic classification: zone 4 (very low seismicity)

Climate classification: zone E, 2695 heating degree days

Name inhabitants: azzanesi

Patron saint: S. Giacomo | July 25th

Distance from Asti: 7 km

• Presentation

The ancient village lies on the summit of low sandy hills south of the Tanaro river not far from Asti.

From the terrace on the side of the church of S. Giacomo, the view extends beyond the vineyards of the hills, the valley of the Tanaro, the green of poplars, and across the city of Asti, the panorama of the great cloister of the Alps from the Monviso to the Monte Rosa.

From other points of the town you can dominate the Tanaro plain as far beyond Alexandria and on the horizon you can see the Ligurian Apennines and the High Langhe.

Small is the inhabited area for which there is still plenty of space for vineyards, fields and woods.

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