The feasts of Azzano d'Asti

Address: 14030 Azzano d'Asti AT, Italia

A lively pro loco takes care of the development of the town, promoting sporting, folkloric and culinary activities that develop throughout the year.

The Band, Corale Azzanese and Alpini group are also very active.

The feast of the patron saint of Azzano d'Asti, San Giacomo, is celebrated on the last Sunday of July and involves the population both from a religious and a sporting point of view.

In fact, Azzano boasts an ancient tradition of tambourine that is very popular in the town, also because Azzano has seen men of great value in the ranks of its players, such as the figure of Ardingo Garetto, to whom the Memorial is dedicated during the patronal feast. In addition, the popular festival is colored with a small fireworks display, bowls competitions and games for young people. In the evening, in Piazza Alfieri, a former tambourine field, the population gathers around the tables set for the traditional grilled, enlivened by the music of waltzes, mazurkas and polkas of the local folklore ensembles.

Another appointment on the calendar is the participation, in September, in the festival of the "Sagre Astigiane" in the city of Asti, where Azzano boasts its historical origins and revives the era of the friars of the ancient abbey of San Bartolomeo.

The annual meeting of the Community of the "11 Azzano d'Italia" has also entered the Azzanese tradition.

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