Former Castle of Azzano d'Asti (Ex Castello di Azzano d'Asti)

Address: Piazza Parrocchiale, 14030 Azzano d'Asti AT, Italia

In the 14th century Asti was disputed between the Marquises of Monferrato and the Lords of Milan.

In the town near Azzano, Rocca d'Arazzo, there was a castle of strategic importance for which "Azzano, like that which was very close to Rocca d'Arazzo," endured great anxieties, for every time the fortress was besieged, it was the inhabitants of Azzano who were forced to see their territory trampled by either side, and to be victims of military license. I think that it was in this circumstance that the castle of Azzano was landed, of which there is no longer any vestige, taking away the hill on which it stood, above which and in place of the castle a convenient parish priest's house was built." (G.S. De Canis - Corografia Astigiana - work cited).


Comune di Azzano d'Asti

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